About Guildhall

“Investments That Stand the Test of Time”

Our Core Purpose:

Guildhall Wealth Management Inc. was established in order to provide a vehicle to invest in Physical Hard Assets. Our motto is “Investments That Stand the Test of Time”. We realize how important wealth is to you, your family and your future and it is our aim to assist clients to protect their wealth and create long-term prosperity through the discovery of Gold, Silver and Coloured Diamond investing.


At Guildhall we have been helping clients protect their wealth since 2002 against threats such as inflation, dollar devaluation, failing stock markets and geo-political unrest. We believe strongly that knowledge is powerful and our clients benefit from our continued market research, timely updates, and overall attention to detail when it comes to your hard earned dollars being put to work. We WILL take the time to show you how to invest in these markets.

Our Core Values:

We believe strongly in the idea that clients should come first. With a focus on integrity and honesty our approach is simply that old values can meet new perspectives. At Guildhall our team prides themselves on having open communication with our clientele, transparency and an ability to adapt and be flexible as markets and people’s needs change.


To this end it is our hope that we can become your partner in making an investment that will guide, build and deliver a profitable and enduring future for you, your family and generations to come.

What We Offer:

Our clients have access to buying and selling on world markets for their Bullion and Coloured Diamond products, storage, delivery and collateral financing facilities for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.


By utilizing our collateralized credit facilities clients can earn up to three times the profit by financing up to 75% of their product purchase.


Our experienced team of specialists has close one-on-one relationships with their clientele. We believe this philosophy of teamwork fosters trust and ultimately the greatest success.


Clients also have complete 24/7/365 online access to their account on the internet as well as quotes, charts and analysis via our research library.


Guildhall Wealth Management Inc. provides excellent service with efficient and accurate execution. Why not consider a timeless investment that offers a greater opportunity to diversify your portfolio in order to better manage the world around you.

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