Dec 15, 2016

Argyle Tender Pink Diamond 2016

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Guildhall Wealth Management is pleased to announce that their Diamond Division won an exquisite and rare pink diamond from the 2016 Argyle Diamond Tender titled, “The Chroma Collection.” From out of the 63 diamonds presented at this year’s tender, Guildhall won lot #35, a stunning 0.55 Carat Fancy Deep Pink VVS1.

A 0.55 Carat VVS1 Fancy Deep Pink has recently become a part of the Guildhall Wealth Management – Diamond Argyle Pink Diamond Collection. Guildhall Wealth Management’s Diamond Division specializes in investment-grade natural fancy color diamonds. Guildhall Wealth Management is a member of the FCRF (Fancy Color Research Foundation), the NCDIA (Natural Color Diamond Association), and has GIA alumni on its staff.


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Guildhall Wealth Argyle

“This diamond meets all the criteria I look for in an investment-grade pink diamond; strong color, great cut and near perfect clarity. It’s a very special stone and I believe it will be a perfect addition to anyone’s diamond portfolio.” -Paul Wiseman President of Guildhall Wealth.

Before attending the Tender in New York, Jeremy Wiseman had the pleasure of interviewing Argyle Pink Diamond Manager, Josephine Johnson for Guildhall Wealth Management’s “The Real Money Show”. The weekly radio show airs on AM640 in Toronto and around the world via podcast. The interview aired on October 1st 2016, Johnson discussed why Argyle pink diamonds are so special and what went into the naming of this year’s collection. She also spoke about why investors and collectors around the globe are clamoring for one of these exceedingly rare assets.

Argyle has been offering approximately 50-60 of their finest pink diamond production at tender each year for the last thirty years. This would total an estimated 1,500 tender diamonds in existence. Rumors of the Argyle mine closing within the next few years continues to keep interest and demand high for these fine gems. According to the Fancy Color Research Foundation, between January 2005 and July 2016 quality pink diamonds have appreciated over 370%. It is consistent growth like this that is attracting savvy investors from around the globe to this alternative store of wealth.

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To find out more about this and other natural fancy color diamonds in the Guildhall Collection contact Guildhall Wealth Management at 1-866-274-9570.

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