Oct 21, 2015

Get Your Free Gold

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Guildhall Wealth Management has just launched a new website; www.getyourfreegold.ca. It is dedicated to educating customers all about the precious metals RRSP.  To celebrate this new investment vehicle, Guildhall would like you to “get your free gold”.

It Simple. Receive a 1 Gram Gold Maple Leaf Coin For Every $5,000 USD Invested in an RSP Account

How To Get Your Free Gold

To get your free gold all you have to do is open an RRSP account and purchase $5,000 USD worth of precious metals. It really is that simple!

Gold and silver prices are considered by experts to be undervalued. So this makes it a great time to purchase precious metals. The Gold and Silver RRSP allows you to protect your wealth properly. All of the product held in the RRSP account is fully allocated and segregated. You even have access to personally audit your holdings.

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