Nov 28, 2016

Cycles Analyst Bo Polny Interview

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bo-polnyBo Polny has successfully timed the 2011 $1900 Gold & $49 Silver cycle tops, China’s April 2015 Stock Market top and United States DOW and S&P500 2016 Stock Market tops, all to the exact day.

He currently forecasts a terrible world Stock Market COLLAPSE the last quarter of 2016 with follow‐through in 2017, which in turn may cause a powerful Gold & Silver price explosion.

Darren Long of Guildhall Wealth Management will be interviewing experienced cycles analyst and specialist in the Gold, Silver and World Stock Markets.

Gold 2011 top at $1900
Silver 2011 top at $49
Hong Kong (China) April 29, 2015 top
December 3, 2015 Gold exact Bottom at $1045
January 19, 2016 Mining Stock Boom
February 2016 Oil Boom
U.S. DOW and S&P500 exact top August 15, 2016

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Darren V. Long Guildhallwealth.com

Darren V. Long is Senior Analyst with Guildhall Wealth Management Inc.  Darren is a speaker, writer and financial commentator on gold, silver and the economy. He can be heard weekly on “The Real Money Show” on 640 am radio in Toronto discussing all facets of the precious metals markets. Listen to replays of all shows on omny.fm— 1.866.274.9570—www.guildhallwealth.com and www.guildhalldepository.com or email at:darrenl@guildhallwealth.com


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