Nov 15, 2016

Justin Smyth Bullion Analyst

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The Bullion Analyst Interview With Justin Smyth On The Real Money Show 


About Justin Smyth The Bullion Analyst
Justin’s work has been published on numerous websites including Yahoo! Finance, Minyanville, Kitco, 321Gold, Goldseek, and Resource Investor to name a few. Justin has an analytical background graduating with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and uses Stan Weinstein style Stage Analysis as one of his primary tools of evaluating the markets. Justin has been trading and studying the gold and silver markets since 2003 and is well versed in the universe of precious metals mining companies. Besides publishing market commentary on nextbigtrade.com, Justin has been developing a unique Stage Analysis screening tool in his spare time that is available for anyone to use at screener.nextbigtrade.com.


Justin Smyth, independent investor and editor of www.nextbigtrade.com stopped by The Real Money Show to discuss precious metals with the experts at Guildhall Wealth Management Inc.. By using his “Stage Analysis Screening Tool” Justin likes to get a feel for the health of the markets and see what sectors are strengthening and weakening so this will definitely be an unique look at precious metals for our regular listeners.

Check out the episode here.

About The Real Money Show

The experts at Guildhall Wealth Management/Guildhall Diamonds Inc. provide The Real Money Show with invaluable information so that you and your family can protect and grow your hard-earned capital.

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