Jan 01, 2017

Registered Retirement Savings Planning With Guildhall

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Investors can easily buy and sell their product in their RSP account. Guildhall deals directly with a leading bullion wholesaler which means your product can be bought and sold without delay. Clients place their orders with a simple phone call. Transactions are efficient and the client receives automated transaction confirmations.


Opening an RSP account is free and there are no management fees. There are associated fees to purchase and store /insure precious metals. Guildhall maintains competitive rates for physical bullion products, insurance and storage even within the RRSP. Guildhall is pleased to offer volume discounts on significant RSP investments. Speak to your Guildhall representative to learn more and to find out how to benefit from these discounts.info@guildhallrrsp.ca


Unlike ETFs or bank-issued certificates, this service offers investors the opportunity to build their RSP through hard assets (bullion) that they actually own. Clients are given delivery receipts and inventory statements that include a description of their bullion and its serial number. These are physical products that can be seen, touched and personally audited, granting security that paper stocks lack.


All bullion is insured by Lloyd’s of London and is fully allocated and segregated at an IIROC-approved depository in Ontario, Canada. This provides the desired benefit of owning a hard asset with the confidence of knowing it is held within a secure facility.


In the past, investing in precious metals was reserved exclusively for large, elite investors who could afford to purchase, move and store large quantities of bullion. Today, this service allows everyday investors with even the most modest portfolios to enjoy the benefits of investing in gold and silver bullion.


Guildhall Wealth Management

Receive a 1-gram of gold for every $5,000 USD invested in an RSP account. This means the more money you invest, the more coins you will receive!

Want to invest $20,000 in your RSP? You will receive four grams of gold.
To learn more about this exciting offer, please contact us.

Toll Free: 1-866-274-9570 | Telephone: 905-305-8422 | Email: info@guildhallrrsp.ca

Your order may be delivered direct or to your Guildhall depository account. Offer expires February 28th, 2017

*Quantities are limited. While supplies last. Limit of 10 grams per customer account. All Gold product gifted is LBMA approved.

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