“ I would just like to let you know that I really appreciate reading the “Precious Metals Advisor”, a regular snapshot sent by email summarizing your understanding of the current financial data, and how that might play into gold/silver's performance for that day or week. Although I realize that the commentary is not necessarily advice for the investor, I find it helpful to know to what you, are giving your attention to, and the quick summaries of world events often clear up any questions I may have.

As you may have noticed, this in turn frees you up, as I then don't need to make a phone call to you to touch base.

Please keep these coming. Being informed as timely as possible helps me stay invested in these tough times.

Judy, ,


“ Guildhall Wealth Management has been handling my precious metals account for a number of years. My account executive is very professional and knowledgeable of the factors affecting the precious metal market. He has always been there to answer any concerns or questions that I might have about what was going on in the market.

The “Precious Metals Advisor” is an excellent newsletter and I have been receiving the newsletter since 2008. It has made it incredibly easy for me to follow the markets and to see the gold and silver prices.

I have been able to reach my account executive not only during regular business hours but at any time of the day or night. This is very reassuring for me because the precious metal market has activity almost 24 hours a day. I always feel very reassured after talking to him. If you are looking for someone to manage your precious metal account I highly recommend Guildhall Wealth Management.


Frank, ,


“The weekly broad selection of articles in the Precious Metals Advisor always tells the bullion story and explains world economics from a different viewpoint. The quotations and charts are easy to understand and a great starting point for my research. I truly thank you for telling the truth when others would not. Your explanations on the housing, subprime, gold, silver and currency have provide me with the insight and confidence to purchase bullion.

Thank you for your advice and leadership on the precious metals market. Stay the course and keep the newsletters coming.

James, ,


“Like most people I knew very little about gold or silver. Although it took me a month to make a decision in what to buy, I used the Precious Metals Advisor to help me make the final decision.

In addition to this, I still actively listen to the real money show on a weekly basis. The “Precious Metals Advisor” was not the only tool that I used to help me make the decision, but it continues to be the best source and simplest way for me to keep up to date on the precious metals markets.

Thank you

Annette, ,


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