Guildhall Wealth Management Inc. knows how important wealth preservation is to you, your family and your future. It is our goal to assist you to protect your wealth and create long-term prosperity by buying and holding gold, silver and natural fancy color diamonds.

At Guildhall we have been helping clients protect their wealth since 2002 against threats such as inflation, dollar devaluation, failing stock markets and geopolitical unrest. Guildhall was established in order to provide a vehicle to invest in physical hard assets. We believe strongly that knowledge is powerful and our clients benefit from our continued market research, timely updates, and overall attention to detail when it comes to your hard-earned dollars. We will show you how to invest in gold and silver bullion and investment-grade natural fancy color diamonds.


Our Core Values

Our approach is simple. You come first. We pride ourselves on having open and honest communication with our clientele. Transparency and integrity is part of the experience from your first purchase and onward.


What We Offer


What we offer - Guildhall Wealth buys, sells, and stores physical precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Clients can buy precious metals through the Guildhall Bullion eStore for immediate delivery. Guildhall Wealth can also assist investors to store their precious metals products using an IIROC approved and fully insured depository. Located in Toronto Ontario, the depository is safe and secure and all product is allocated and segregated.  Customers can also store physical precious metals in their registered accounts. This includes RRSP, TFSA, RESP, LIRA, and LIF etc. Guildhall Wealth takes the time to educate clients on the market fundamentals through a weekly global radio broadcast called The Real Money Show. The experts on the show are not financial advisers and do not give financial advice.  The Real Money Show helps potential investor understand the importance of owning and holding physical precious metals as a means to diversify.
Guildhall Wealth Protects and Grows wealth with physical hard assets.


What We Offer - Guildhall Diamonds Inc. assists color diamond investors and collectors acquire true investment-grade natural fancy color diamonds. The selection process that only Guildhall Diamonds Inc. provides ensures that clients can be confident that they hold in their possession purely exquisite diamonds. Guildhall Diamonds Inc. deals directly with the most esteemed producers and cutters of color diamonds from around the world. These exclusive relationships allow Guildhall clients the benefit of an incredible selection of diamonds and fair pricing. Quality and value are the earmarks of a Guildhall Diamond Inc. As such, our clients have always profited from choosing a Guildhall Color Diamond.  Investment-grade color diamonds have been proven asset that investors use to protect and grow wealth.  Please inquire about a quality investment-grade natural fancy color diamond today.
0.31 Fancy Vivid Orangy Yellow Pear Cut - What We Offer


The Guildhall Advantage

We consider the hard assets offered to be a timeless investment that provides an excellent opportunity to diversify your portfolio and protect and grow your wealth.


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