3 Ways to Own Bullion with Guildhall


Gold and Silver Accounts

Want to own physical Gold or Silver in your registered account (TFSA/RRSP/RESP/LIRA/LIF/RIF) Guildhall offers Canadian precious metals buyers and owners the opportunity to buy and own physical, allocated and segregated precious metals in their registered accounts.  Whether just starting out or with an already established account at another institution Guildhall can help individuals and families alike to add physical bullion to their holdings.

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Purchase Direct

Buy On-Line

Direct purchase of precious metals is the most convenient and cost-effective way to enter the precious metals market. The Guildhall Precious Metals provides customers with direct access to online pricing and direct ordering coins and bullion bars.

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Depository Storage Accounts

Maximum security, maximum flexibility

For greater security, liquidity and insurance of your bullion consider  utilizing a vault outside the banking system. The Guildhall Depository offers custodial storage of bullion products. Accounts are tailored to the security, accounting and liquidity needs of the client.

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