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Why Own Physical Gold?

Gold Fundamentals

Throughout history there has always been a strong demand for gold. Gold has always been an very safe and effective store of wealth. It also has a long documented role as money. There is also no counter-party risk when one owns gold. So to own gold is to control one’s own wealth.

Gold has often been seen as a safe haven investment rather than as money. But in fact, gold for thousands of years has been considered wealth itself.  This is because gold has been held as a store of wealth by governments and families for over 3000 years. This stored wealth has even been passed on from generation to generation.

Gold is considered to be negatively correlated against traditional portfolios. Case in point, the recent financial crisis of 2008 saw stocks and bonds fall in value and alternate assets like hedge funds and real estate fall with them. Through this time gold helped portfolios carry returns through the downturn as it gained an average of 32% per year through 2008 to 2013.

If gold is to be considered a store of wealth then owning it becomes about more than just diversifying one’s portfolio at certain times. This is why the knowing the fundamentals is important.


Gold Maintains Its Purchasing Power

Gold is Rare

Gold is Real Money

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