Direct Purchase

Great Prices. Great Service.

Purchasing your precious metals directly is a great way to invest. Holding physical precious metals in your hand is a unique experience that puts the concept of intesting in a new light.

At Guildhall we go beyond offering great pricing for precious metals. We take the time to assist every client big or small.

We are passionate about precious metals and are happy to answer any questions about the market or the various products we carry.

In Person

A direct purchase of precious metals can be the best way to enter the market and many clients prefer to meet in person when making their first bullion acquisition.

A Guildhall representative is happy to sit down with you at our offices to answer your questions and select the precious metals you wish to purchase.

To insure product availability and to provide the best service possible, clients are asked to schedule their appointments.

Over the Phone

Guildhall representatives are standing by to assist in the purchase of your precious metals over the phone.

• Confirm your pricing.

• Receive your order confirmation.

• Arrange payment methods & delivery.

Call (866) 274-9570

On Line

The Guildhall precious metals eStore offers on-line pricing for the direct purchase of bullion. Choose from a wide variety of bullion products including several combo packages. Volume discounts are offered along with product promotions. Save time and acquire your bullion conveniently.

Monthly Buyers Club


Accumulate gold and silver monthly with the Guildhall Monthly Buyer’s Club. This is a unique service offered by Guildhall. By purchasing precious metals on a regular basis investors can build a large portfolio over time.

The Monthly Buyer’s Club is also a great way to take advantage of dollar cost averaging. Buying a fixed amount at regular intervals allows you to buy more when the price is lower and less when the price is higher. Over time your average cost decreases.

Another way the program saves money is that Guildhall will store your product until you are eligible for free shipping.

Payment Methods

Once a price has been booked and your confirmation is received, payment must be provided within 24 hours.

Once your payment has cleared Guildhall will immediately deliver your purchase.

Guildhall kindly accepts the following forms of payment:

Cash: Up to $10,000 CAD per person per year (clears immediately)

• eTransfer: $5,000 (clears immediately)

Debit: Unlimited (clears immediately)

Paypal: Unlimited (clears immediately, surcharges apply)

Certified Cheque: Unlimited (7 business days to clear)

Wire Transfer: Unlimited (24 hours to clear)

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