Financing & Allocated Margin Accounts

Physical Hard Assets as a Store of Value


Guildhall has partnered with Questrade to design a way for precious metal investors to utilize margin while maintaining ownership of physical precious metals.

As with all Guildhall investments, clients own and control their physical precious metals. All client accounts are physical, segregated, and fully allocated.

In-person audits are also available.

How It Works

By opening a margin account with Questrade Guildhall assists clients to acquire the physical precious metals which are financed.

Guildhall provides clients with a titled itemized inventory report for all products held in the account. All precious metals that are financed are fully allocated and segregated, with in-person audits available.

Clients can finance up to 60% of their physical precious metals.

The Power Margin Account

In conjunction with Questrade clients can utilize their TFSA holidings as collateral to acquire physical precious metals on margin.

As with any investment clients should speak to their adviser and assess the market risks.

Financing Benefits

• Own and Control More Bullion

• Choose Your Margin Level

• Fully Allocated and Segregated Product 

• In-person audits available

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