Wealth to Wear

Wealth To Wear 

Guildhall offers a custom jewellery service that turns jewellery inspirations into reality.  

The process begins with a one-on-one collaboration with our in-house jeweller to design a unique and personalized setting.  A computer assisted drawing is then created to give a sense of the final piece. Upone approval our jeweller will create the setting of the absolute highest quality and craftmanship. 

A bespoke jewellery piece is one that expresses individuality and can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Give your invesment the glamour treatment with Wealth to Wear ©.

About Our Designers

Guildhall’s talented designers work exlusively with natural fancy color diamonds and understand the best settings to show off these exquisite diamonds.

Our jewellers will work with you to create a statement piece that not only showcases your color diamond in a way that makes you feel truly special, but adds value to your overall investment.

For more information or to request a design please submit your idea.

About Guildhall Wealth Management 

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Guildhall offers a selection of the highest quality natural fancy color diamonds. These are some of the most rare diamonds available today. 

Beauty. Prescence. Prestige.

Guildhall works with clients and talented jewellers to create stunning settings for their investment diamonds. We call it Wealth to Wear ©. Handcrafted custom jewellry pieces designed just for you.  We are confident your new, exclusive piece of jewelry will prove timeless and enduring.

For centuries, accumulating colored diamonds was a secret of savvy investors concerned with wealth protection. As they prove more difficault to acquire, these magnificent diamonds become more valuable and prestigious with every year. 


Celebrities are often seen on red carpets wearing color diamonds and high-end jewelry stores are now promoting them.  However, it is not just the world of fashion that have taken notice of color diamonds. Color diamond investing continues to grow as an alternative to traditional stock and real estate portfolio. 

According to the Gemology Institute of America 1 in every 10,000 white diamonds mined will be considered a color diamond. It is this rarity that continues to drive the prices for color diamonds higher. 

It is the rarity and unique expression that only a color diamond can bring that is making natural fancy color diamonds increasingly popular in jewellery.

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