Gold Versus GICs

We recently had a client sell their entire gold position. After the sale the client remarked that he would have done just as well to hold a guaranteed investment certificate […]

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How to Buy Silver Cheap

The first question you must ask is how cheap is cheap? One person may regard silver cheap below $16 while another person may think it’s expensive. As Warren Buffett once […]

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Gold Surprises in Canadian Dollars

When clients arrive at Guildhall Wealth for the first time there are usually two things they are most surprised by; the weight of a 100 Oz bar of silver and the 15 year gold chart (shown below).

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Guildhall Wealth Management Fine Gold 1 Ounce Bar

Guildhall Wealth Management Gold Bars These 1-ounce bars of 99.99% Fine Gold are produced by the prestigious Royal Canadian Mint. Bars are a wise and convenient choice for the investor, and these uniquely […]

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