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Chad P. February 2017

“I had my wife’s engagement ring designed and made with a beautiful 1.5 carat internally flawless yellow diamond with a triple halo of white diamonds around it. It is absolutely stunning! My wife gets stopped everywhere she goes as the quality and beauty is second to none. I worked with Jerry for 8 months to find the perfect diamond and figure out the perfect design. He was a class act through the whole process. Jerry had everything set up at my convenience to meet with the jeweller who made the ring, along with Paul and Jeremy. When we met it was clear why Guildhall is in a league of their own, as Paul made sure everything was exactly what we wanted, with a wow factor that my wife couldn’t believe! The ring is absolutely stunning and we couldn’t be happier! I recommend Guildhall to everyone, and I will definitely be a repeat customer.”

Greg L. 2016

I have had a unique experience with Guildhall and Jeremy Wiseman. He is professional, filled with knowledge about natural fancy coloured diamonds. He knows my occupation, he knows what suits me; he was not pushy, if I bought, fine, if I didn’t, it was ok by him with no pressure.

It is true, I was shown several diamonds, and the pear shaped Intense Yellow picked me.

I had to purchase this diamond, I had an urgency; I knew deep down I had to buy it for the future investment ROI, and becoming an owner of a very rare diamond in itself. Let’s visit this phrase again. VERY RARE DIAMOND. I have learned from Jeremy’s lesson of diamonds and my own limited research, that it cannot be ignored as a way to protect our wealth in a very unique way.

I gave the name of the diamond from my lady’s name to honour her; and over the years we will both enjoy the beauty of it as well as the future ROI of this diamond.

It is a wonderful secret to mainstream street walkers such as I; I leapt upon this precious stone; since I really wanted to be a person who thinks outside the box. No one has ever done this type of rare diamond purchase in my circle of friends or family, and if they knew I own a very RARE diamond, they would really be impressed.

I trust Jeremy with this purchase of mine. How can anyone who purchases natural fancy coloured diamond(s) such as I did, lose money? All these superb RARE diamonds increase in value every year, these diamonds do NOT go down in value! How can anyone lose????? Purchase these high quality coloured diamonds before the price of purchasing said diamonds are too high for the average person as I.
With diamond mines closing in the future, and the record prices obtained to the owners at auction houses, it behooves the person to buy as soon as you can.

Now, not everyone wants to purchase a precious diamond, and not everyone wants to achieve higher rates of ROI over the years, not everyone wants to wear a very impressive RARE diamond which is has such beauty. Not everyone thinks a RARE diamond could help in the financing of your future retirement when you would sell it.

Several people are stuck in the up and down stock market, hoping to receive at least a 6 or 7 or even a 10% return. I, on the other hand, over the future years, will achieve more than that, and this RARE Yellow diamond own, will not ever depreciate, always appreciating, over time.

As I said before, I trust Jeremy with my gold and silver purchases, and now, I have purchased a very RARE diamond, and I am not looking back!

I want to say, something spectacular to really impress you and to urge you to purchase a RARE coloured diamond. However, I will state for the record, if I had more money, I would indeed buy more diamonds and become a RARE Diamond Collector, however, finances at my end are limited, one RARE diamond is certainly better than not owning any RARE diamond at all!

Judy D. April 2017

I have been a client of Darren’s for over 11 years now and I still feel very valued. He has been there through both the calm and the wild market swings and whenever I have a question, he personally takes the time to answer it. I truly believe that the Guildhall team want their clients to understand the investment they have made, and they in turn invest of themselves in educating the client should they want it. They walk their talk.

I appreciate Darren’s patience, honesty and calm personality. I can’t foresee when I wouldn’t still be a client of Darren’s.

Zack M. June 2015

First time buying physical silver picked up a 100oz bar. I couldn’t be happier with the level of service and the ease of the transaction. I applaud them for taking time to explain the process and answering my questions. Thanks guys!

Phil P. May 2017

In preparing for the Mother of All Crashes, that will surely come soon, (when the REAL Estate bubble, the Stock and Bond bubble, and the fiat currencies around the World vanish under trillions of debt), I came across Guildhall Wealth, and they have been absolutely excellent. They were able to wrestle all my locked in RRSP Retirement Accounts away from the banks and mutual fund companies that my previous employers had used, and Franca and Jeremy got everything of mine into physical silver at under $17us an ounce. I will be adding more to my professionally vaulted and insured holdings with Guildhall Wealth, as they have been so darn easy to deal with! Hoping to reach a goal of mine, to have over half a ton of silver BEFORE the wheels come off of the economy and the US dollar collapses and a return to a gold/silver standard ensues. I have more confidence in Guildhall to deliver and vault enough silver for me, so I can be part of what could be the greatest wealth transfer EVER! Get your assets into physical and out of paper NOW! Let Jeremy and Franca at Guildhall Wealth, take care of You!

Tony H. March 2017

I became aware of Guildhall after being a regular listener of The Real Money Show. Once l made the decision to contact them and met in person with Jeremy and Paul my decision was made quickly. Franca handled switching my TFSA. The process was handled very fast and professionally. The original meeting was very informative and l had all my questions answered. I am happy to say that l have made several purchases of gold and silver bullion and have also purchased an entry level orange fancy coloured diamond. The customer service was and continues to be first class. Thanks again to everyone at Guilhall l am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship. It’s very refreshing in today’s world when you see a company with this high a level of customer service and integrity.

Jo-Ann M. April 2017

I met Stephan Snitman at the seminar and he was a delight, answered my questions and handled my transactions promptly. 

Franca was great at navigating all the computer work …very patient, pleasant and speedy. Guildhall gives a good service I believe and even if silver goes to zero I’d rather have a hunk of metal than a hunk a paper. Thanks folks.

Mike G. February 2017

I’ve been listening to the Guildhall Wealth Management radio show on 640 am Toronto for a couple of years now and I was alway curious about precious metals investing. When I eventually decided it was time I got into contact with Stephen and Franca who helped me open up an RRSP account and get the whole investment up and running. I’ve had a few good chats about precious metals with Stephen who has helped educate me further on the subject matter which has made me feel confident in my knowledge base and my investment. Stephen is always ready and to answer any questions or concerns I have and he’s always prompt and courteous. The enter team at GWM really provides top notch customer service.

Neil D. September 2016

My purchase with Guildhall was amazing. They showed me the options available and gave me great information to make my decision with confidence. With the current economic climate I am already seeing the benefits of my decision. Thank you to the whole team there!

George B. July 2016

Very satisfied with the friendly staff and service I received when opening my Registered RRSP Account with Guildhall Wealth Management. Going through the process was fast and easy, Jeremy was very insightful and answered all my questions and Franca opened my account in minutes. I have been listening to their radio show for years and I finally decided to transfer my existing RRSP account over. Now I have silver and gold within my RRSP and I am very exited!

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