The Guildhall panel discusses US Non-Farm Payroll Report headlines vs. reality as reported in the Precious Metals Advisor this week. The detailed statistics reveal the majority of job gains were in the over 54 age group and in part time work. Paul Wiseman explains analysis of the US dollar strength reveals that other currencies are getting weaker rather than the US dollar getting stronger.

Darren V. Long describes that the ultra-rich are buying more gold bullion as a store of wealth and asks are you? There is a changing tide and we all should look to follow the “smart money”. Darren further list the four fundamentals that will create a rising physical bullion market.

The Guildhall eStore is open for easy online purchasing and is offering a special offer on Depository Storage until Dec 31, 2014. In addition Guildhall Depository bullion owners have the option to visit the vault or request a video audit of their bullion once in storage.

On the Color Diamond Segment:
Paul Wiseman talks about the 2014 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender auction which took place this week. Paul points out that of the 51 pink diamonds in the tender only four are VS quality. Higher quality pinks are becoming very hard to obtain.

Jeremy Wiseman added that an internally flawless fancy vivid purple pink diamond ring set a world auction record in Hong Kong recently. The expectation is that the Argyle Tender will also set new records in pink diamond prices.

Natural fancy color diamonds are exceedingly rare. It is this rarity paired with increasing worldwide demand, particularly in emerging economies that continues to make this a very exciting market.

Jeremy and Paul this week feature the 0.53 Carats Intense Argyle Pink Emerald Cut VS2

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