The Guildhall Panel discusses the stock market swings this week and asks the question “how long can the markets keep going up without a correction?” Paul Wiseman points out that there is a new focus on the European economy and the economic issues with Greece, Portugal and France. How will the weakening European economy affect gold and silver prices?

Jeremy Wiseman reminds listeners that gold and silver are a store of value and cannot go to zero like fiat currency.

The Guildhall eStore is open for easy online purchasing and is offering a special offer on Depository Storage until Dec 31, 2014. In addition Guildhall Depository bullion owners have the option to visit the vault or request a video audit of their bullion once in storage.

On the Diamond Segment:
Paul Wiseman explains how many new diamond purchasers are now having their color diamonds made into jewellery so that they can experience the beauty every day.

Jeremy Wiseman reminded listeners that auction records continue to be broken, most recently on a vivid pink diamond. The expectation is that the Argyle Tender will also set new records in pink diamond prices. Jeremy suggested that interested investors who want to ensure they have an opportunity to buy the most recent pink diamonds call Guildhall and ask to be put on a wait list as the diamonds are often sold before they reach our website.

Jeremy and Paul feature a 0.37 Carat Fancy Green Rectangular Radiant Cut VS2 diamond.

Listeners looking to learn more about natural fancy color diamonds, gold and silver investments are invited to attend the Hard Asset Seminar on November 8th in Mississauga. Register here.

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