Jeremy Wiseman explains the market fundamentals and as a result of QE, the Fed’s balance sheet has more than quadrupled, to $4 trillion US. That makes QE the most massive economic stimulus program in world history. At the same time demand for physical silver and gold especially Silver Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs continues to be in high demand. Recently silver Eagles were sold out by the US mint. Fortunately Guildhall has Silver Eagles in inventory.

Jeremy continues to explain that Switzerland’s regulator found “serious misconduct” by UBS AG (UBSN) employees in precious metals trading, particularly with silver, as part of its review of the bank’s foreign-exchange business. Regulators fine global banks $4.3 billion in currency investigation. How will this impact on the Swiss referendum?

Paul Wiseman discusses the difference between “paper gold” and the effect on physical gold buying.

On the color diamond segment:
Paul Wiseman discusses two new pink natural fancy color diamonds. One is 0.27 Carats Intense Argyle Purplish Pink VS2 and may be viewed here. The Argyle mine produces 90% pink diamond and are scheduled to close by 2020. This fact along with increased Asian demand is putting more upward demand on pink diamond prices. Good news for Guildhall clients.

Red diamonds have become increasingly rare and as result prices over the past 30 years have escalated from $30,000 US per carat to 1.8 million US a carat.

The Ellendale mine in Australia, is the world’s leading producer of fancy yellow diamonds-accounting for 50% of global supply – which explains why the world’s leading jeweller Tiffany & Co has negotiated exclusive rights to most of the yellow color diamonds.

Investment grade natural fancy color diamonds continue to become more rare and difficult to find. Guildhall specializes in searching out these quality diamonds for their clientele.

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