Mark Mead Baillie of joins the real money show once again for an absolutely incredible interview.

Discussed in the interview is the economic barometer that covers 50 US measurements over the course of a year. There is an overall downtrend with an uptick in the last month. An article titled “Gold Positive Signal” by Mead Baillie is discussed. China slowing down, Japan is deflating, the Euro zone has yo-yo news – is it up? or is it down? – amidst negative interest rates, and in the US the barometer is in overall decline. So where is the global economic rebound?

Specific to Gold and Silver the most important dynamic is currency creation by central banks in Europe and US is going up. The biggest concern is the S&P 500 terribly overvalued by looking at the price earning ratio. This makes the S&P double what it should be and gold and silver half of what it should be. In the last 14 years there has been two 50% corrections. Are we headed for another given the earnings are not there to support the current S&P highs.

Exiting the Euro is an underlying questioning of the validity of the Euro as an economic benefit.
Is there a specific event that could drive precious metals higher? Any event that makes the currencies questionable will drive precious metals.
Baby boomers are not prepared for retirement. As of 2015 the average retirement account has $213,000K; what are the economic repercussions of a generation under prepared economically for retirement.
Will the Fed raise rates? They are definitely fearful of catering the great US savings account ie. the stock market. Looking at the 2001-2006 Fed rate raising cycle demonstrates that gold can absolutely rise with interest rates.

Finally the interview focuses on the physical precious metals market. Mark Mead Baillie is a huge proponent of holding physical. Mining stocks may rise at 2-3X more when they rise, they also fall 2-3X when metals fall. Physical is neither paper or an obligation. It is real monetary wealth. it doesn’t matter what you paid. You have the real deal. You be really glad that you have it and that you hung onto it.

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