The ten year window is the opportunity to have taken advantage prosperity due of artificial stimulus and window to prepare for the next financial crisis.

In the last ten years there has been little to no change to the financial system. No punishment for the perpetrators of the financial crisis and bank culture has not changed either.  What there has been is a papering over of the financial issues which has created a fog of debt. Artificial stimulus sends mixed messages to the market. On the one hand there is a message of prosperity and growth and on the other hand there is a underlying message of the folly of debt. Countries continue to increase debt which runs counter to prosperity.

There are now clear warning signs that the window of “prosperity” is closing. The Dow for instance turned volatile in 2018 and the market has basically gone sideways to down all year. Anyone can look at P/E ratios and see that they are well above average. Then there is the inverted yield curve. Typically short-term interest rates are lower than long-term rates. Meaning you would receive a higher return for the longer term investment. When the yield curve inverts short-term rates have higher returns. History shows that equities generally peak when an inversion is witnessed. So the window to protect your wealth is starting to close.

The window to protect wealth is closing and Guildhall offers clients the ability to diversify into physical precious metals through  direct delivery, storage and registered accounts as a means to protect wealth long term.

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