On the precious metals segment the Guildhall experts discuss:
• Gold-to-silver ratio has continued to widen with silver prices at around $16 an ounce
• With low prices… silver demand is up; Jeremy Wiseman reviews the economic impact of this situation
• Registered Inventories from two Comex Gold Depositories, Brinks and Scotia Mocatta’s decline 25% in one day
• 2013 demand for silver outstripped supply and is expected to occur again in 2014
• Demand continues to grow for silver use in hi-tech electronics and photo cells technologies
• US mortgage lending is moving to low down payments again; Fannie and Freddie officially approve 3% down payment mortgages
• China continues to buy record amounts of gold
• Central Banks worldwide continue to be net buyers of gold

On the color diamond segment the Guildhall experts review:
• Jeremy discusses new color diamonds and their growth in value; he introduces a 1.10 Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut IF diamond
• Paul Wiseman has purchased more pink natural fancy color diamond which will be on the website next week
• In a move to strengthen financial security and its currency, Venezuela’s Central Bank issued a decree to use color diamonds and white diamonds along with precious metals to boost its currency reserves

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