On this week’s Real Money Show Darren V Long discusses 5 current reasons to be holding Gold including falling currencies around the world and as a hedge against the threat of inflation. Darren V Long also discusses silver in this context and more specifically both Darren V Long and Jeremy Wiseman spend time focused on the impact of solar technology and the supply of silver the world over.
Also discussed on this week’s show were 5 recent catalysts that could be viewed as ultra-bullish for both gold and silver including ECB interest rates, FED’s policy and dovish statements about the US economy and S&P’s recent downgrade of China’s credit outlook.

Darren V Long also discusses recent auction results for Blue diamonds, and more specifically the De Beers Millennium Jewel 4 which recently set an all-time high for price per carat paid at an Asian auction. Paul Wiseman talks about the reasons to own color diamonds and Jeremy Wiseman also discusses the merits and opportunity color diamonds offer an investor in terms of diversification.

Darren V Long also discusses upcoming auctions and what their impact will be for potential investors in color diamonds.

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