On this week’s “The Real Money Show” the theme was “”. Darren V Long speaks about several different topics including missed calls on the market by Goldman’s Sachs and how they have been proven wrong in 5 of 6 major attempts to call the economy. In addition to this Darren V Long and Jeremy Wiseman cover, Jobs Reports, Eurozone, the Chinese Economy, Commodity Markets and their impact on supply of Gold and Silver.

Darren V Long also discusses the relationship between Gold and Silver during a bull market, the ratio between the two metals and their proven track records as the market continues to point towards a new bull phase. Jeremy Wiseman and Paul Wiseman also discuss why the critics may have gotten things wrong when they proclaimed that the American economy is getting better.

In addition to all this Paul Wiseman and Jeremy Wiseman talk about Natural Fancy Color Diamonds and chimes in on why they may be the next best keep investing secret that are exploding in price as we speak!

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