On this week’s The Real Money Show Darren V Long continued his discussion on falling inventories of silver bullion and the implications for the long term pricing structure of silver and all bullion in general. Darren V Long cited that he believes there is evidence to suggest a new major bull leg forward has begun quietly under the noses of most investors in gold and silver. Darren V Long also discussed the importance once again of understanding value as it relates to the silver to gold ratio and physical premiums for bullion products.

In addition to this Jeremy Wiseman once again interviews Dove Meisels of Questrade on Guildhall’s RSP options for holding bullion and their relationship with their partner Questrade. Jeremy Wiseman and Dove Meisels also discussed why, in addition to silver, the gold market looks good right now, citing multiple sources, talking about the comparison to the stock markets of the world right now and some of the more long term opportunities for silver and gold.

On the color diamond front Darren V Long and Paul Wiseman review Guildhall Diamond investments Inc available inventory and also discusses the most recent types of investments being made by purchasers at Guildhall.

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