The Pink Star diamond set a new world record at an auction in Hong Kong. The 59.6 carat stone sold for $71 Million.
This is a very good sign for the pink diamond market in general as it shows the strength of the pink diamond market.
Darren discusses a recent article he wrote on how long the Argyle mine will still be in production and what that means to the pink diamond market.

The housing market in Toronto is certainly looking like a bubble. Darren discusses a new article he wrote regarding the information that Canadians do not have in order to make an informed decision on Canadian real estate. Wolf Richter of had an article out this week titled
Toronto House Price Bubble Goes Nuts. Why does this matter? Gold and silver are assets traditionally used to diversify portfolios and hedge against potential bubbles.

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Toronto House Price Bubble Goes Nuts
Based on fundamentals? You gotta be kidding.

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