As the Dow reached 20,000 points hedge fund manager Dave Kransler looked into the make up of the Dow and what percentage certain companies have. What he discovered is incredible.
Read the article Here’s Why Dow 20,000 Is Meaningless.

In the second segment Guildhall welcomes back to the show Dov Meisels Director of Sales at Questrade. Dov answers many questions regarding RRSP investments.
What type of consumer protection does Questrade provide?
What types of registered accounts are eligible to hold physical precious metals?
Can you move funds from an existing registered account to a registered account with Questrade without penalty?
And much more…

Guildhall has brought two incredible diamonds; a 1.15 carat vivid yellow diamond and a 0.33 carat intense green diamond.
Paul discusses these two rare color diamonds in detail.

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