Darren Long demonstrates just how bad retail really is. The consequences of struggling retail and lay offs is that the economy is not as good as the mainstream would have you believe. When the next recession hits quantitative easing could come to the fore again which will cause gold and silver to rise significantly.

It is so important to look at economic change. When will money printing end? When will credit expansion end?
Home Capital Group which is a Canadian mortgage lender was bailed out because of major liquidity issues. Crashing Canadian Mortgage Lender Bailed-Out By 321,000 Retired Ontario Healthcare Workers What impact can that have on the Canadian real estate market and economy? How does one protect itself against economic failure? Physical gold and silver.

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Who is buying color diamonds? We are seeing investors purchase for their child’s education, as part of a retirement plan, we are even seeing investors speculating on the Argyle mine’s closure. Some acquire a diamond simply to store and grow a portion of their wealth.

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