On this week’s The Real Money Show Darren V Long discusses the merits of silver ownership and the reasons why this asset is a strong candidate for the commodity of the decade when it comes to picking something undervalued for investors. Both Jeremy Wiseman and Darren V Long also discuss the 4 major fundamentals of silver and how they are impacting the price.

Darren V Long also discusses what the near term hold for both silver and gold pricing and what analysts are saying about each metal’s potential to reach new highs in the next 60 months.

Jeremy Wiseman discusses the usages of silver and talks about the reason why silver demand will continue to grow over the next decade to the point that it will exhaust supply which it has done for the past 60 years. Darren V Long talks about dwindling stockpiles of silver and government holdings and the view that central banks have of both gold and silver bullion.

Paul Wiseman talks about Color Diamond collecting and investing and why these beautiful assets are quickly becoming the go to investment for a large community of investors worldwide.

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