Trump is the President elect and this changes everything… or does it? Forget the knee jerk reaction of the stock market, the stage is set for gold to rise significantly higher. The debts will continue to grow, the banks still have a massive derivatives book and gold is still set to skyrocket.
Gold retraced last week with massive paper selling of over 2 years worth of production in less than three days. Yet, the gold market barely fell in most currencies.

India is moving towards a ban on cash and what impact could that have on gold; so far, premiums in India have priced gold over $1,800 USD.
Global debt has grown past the ability for them to be paid off. The IMF estimates global debt at over 225 trillion. When measured against the 5 billion ounces of gold above ground demonstrates that gold will be a fantastic place to store wealth in the years to come.

What makes a color diamond an investment is quality. Paul demonstrates the difference that color strength makes in a color diamond investment. While investors can purchase a vivid pink diamond for over $500 CAD, with the holidays fast approaching consider starting with a beautiful fancy yellow diamond. Utilize Guildhall’s custom jeweler to create a setting that will catch everyone’s eye. The best part is it will continue to rise in value.

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