Trends analyst Gerald Celente explains how he sees the markets and that affects your portfolio and wealth. He further explains his views on holding gold and silver and what he does to protect his portfolio. Gerald’s vison of future trends is a must listen.

The Guildhall panel discusses the declining physical silver inventories in in the Shanghai Silver Exchange and the exploding sales of US silver Eagles. There is bull market in silver sales.

Guildhall has open an eStore for easy online purchasing and is offering a special offer on Depository Storage until Dec 31, 2014.

Jeremy Wiseman discuss the latest auction prices and new sales records for natural fancy color diamonds at Christies and Sotheby’s. This record prices continue to set the market prices for all color diamonds.

New Pink Color Diamonds in Inventory:
Paul Wiseman introduces three new pink diamond purchases that will be available on the website next week. Listen to the show for the advance especial offers or call right now to find out how you can be first to buy these very rare and beautiful pink diamonds. Make an appointment today.

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