• On the precious metals segment the Guildhall experts explain that gold continued to hold and exceed past the $1200 mark through this past week.
• Darren V. Long discusses the US Dollar resumes its uptrend against all major currencies
• The falling crude oil prices are also being viewed as one of the major reasons as why bullion is not currently breaking out into new price ranges as well
• The Silver: Gold ratio at 65:1 is expected to fall to 50:1 this year which is in another indicator that silver prices may rise
• Jeremy Wiseman talks about the Chain of Integrity in the purchase process of gold and silver how this ensures you are buying pure bullion

On the Natural Fancy Color Segment:
• Darren and Jeremy Wiseman discuss why investors should request a copy of the “10 Steps to Buying Investment-Grade Natural Fancy Color Diamonds”
• Jeremy Wiseman announces a new 0.31 carats fancy deep pink cushion cut VS2 diamond acquisition. Look for it on the Guildhall Diamonds website this week
• In a wealth insight survey Barkley’s revealed that “ 70% of high net worth individuals owned precious jewelry as part of their investment strategy where only 57% did so five years earlier.

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