On this week’s The Real Money show Jeremy Wiseman and Darren V Long discusses the great position that both Gold and Silver are currently sitting in for buyers.  Darren V Long discusses how Gold has gained against all major currencies in the last year with the exception of the Swiss and US and brings listeners up to date on the latest information about the Greece sovereign debt issues plaguing that country.  Jeremy Wiseman talks about the opportunity to invest through your RRSP’s, LIRA, TFSA and other registered accounts directly with Guildhall.

Darren V Long also discusses an article by the infamous billionaire Mark Cuban in which he talks about the US stock market possibly being in a bigger bubble at this moment then the Tech Bubble of the early 2000’s.

Jeremy Wiseman discusses color diamonds and their popularity in the retail space. Jeremy  talks about the types of increases on several Pink diamonds being held in the Guildhall inventory, the benefits of learning about diamonds in person with Guildhall and why color diamonds make an excellent choice for a retirement plan.


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