Friedman has been involved in the metals industry since 1980 and been involved in most facets of the bullion industry 35 years. He has extensive knowledge in all facets on the precious metals industry. In addition to his trading experience, he is a well-respected commentator and writes a blog that appears several times a week on the MTB homepage.

Friedman pays close attention to gauging the interest in the market and the health of the gold industry by looking at volume figures. The greater the volume the more participation. A market growing in demand means prices appreciate over time. A market that grows in demand goes up in price.

Old economic forecasting models do not seem to work anymore. He considers them ‘look-back’ figures and he sees the rebound as incredibly weak.
For this reason, Friedman looks at gold and silver as having bottomed and he believes that they will trend higher over the next several years.

But what will get the market moving? Listen to the rest of the interview now.

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