Year to date gold and silver are up over 20% so far. The panel discusses how precious metals are some of the best performing assets of 2016 thus far. An article from the Financial Post titled “Gold or Silver? The right answer might be both after the recent rally.” is the focus of the first segment. It points out that both gold and silver are great assets to hold at present.

Guildhall adds another major investor to those suggesting investors move into the precious metal sector; Druckenmiller a legendary billionaire investor is now praising gold. So much so that he is advising that all equities be sold at present.

Trend Alert! Gerald Celente’s recent post is reviewed as it relates to gold and global equity markets. Is gold’s rise a trend or fad?

Diamonds – Extreme rarity reaches an extreme with the Argyle Violet diamond. It is expected to fetch up to 4 million at auction. Pricing for pinks in general remain the focus of this market on the rise.

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