On this week’s The Real Money Show Darren V Long discusses Precious Metals and the potential recession in the US. He also discusses how the US cannot constantly blame the weather for all economic shortcomings. Darren V Long also discusses the value of owning gold and silver inside your RRSP and TFSA accounts through Guildhall.

Jeremy Wiseman also talks about the expected possibility of recession in the US and the higher number of bankruptcies occurring in the 1st quarter. He also discusses the problem of mining operations faltering due to low commodity pricing and how it impacts the supply of gold and silver negatively. Darren V Long talks about dwindling stockpiles of silver and government holdings and the view that central banks have of both gold and silver bullion.

Jeremy Wiseman also discusses Greece and their debt payment extensions being denied by the IMF and the potential impact on gold and silver if Greece were to default.

Jeremy Wiseman and Jerry Correia talk about Color Diamond collecting and investing and why these beautiful assets are quickly becoming the go to investment for a large community of investors worldwide. Darren V Long and Jerry Correia also discuss how diamonds can fit into a portfolio alongside precious metals as an excellent diversified option.

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