There is a silver inverse head and shoulders which was posted in the Lombardi Letter. The pattern is said to have been completed which indicates that a trend reversal is at hand, meaning silver is poised to rise much much higher.

In the second segment Guildhall welcomes back to the show Dov Meisels Director of Sales at Questrade. Dov answers many questions regarding RRSP investments.
What type of consumer protection does Questrade provide?
What types of registered accounts are eligible to hold physical precious metals?
Can you move funds from an existing registered account to a registered account with Questrade without penalty?
And much more…

How much have pink diamonds increased since 2009? The color diamond segment covers the fundamentals for owning a color diamond and discusses a recent update in the color diamond market.
Demand for Colored Diamonds Surges as Investors Join The Fray – WSJ

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