Both Gold and Silver are up over 15% so far this year. Today’s show looks at several reasons for the recent gains and where the price of silver in particular could go from here.

Major news came out of Asia as China is set to launch a new physical gold exchange that could challenge London for the price fix. Other major banks are joining China’s exchange.

David Kransler published an ground breaking article about Deutsche Bank’s issues and how US banks are secretly bailing out the struggling international bank. This could be the motivation for the recent White House meeting between Obama and Fed Chairman Janet Yellen. We discuss this issue and how that could affect the market.

As Yellen meets with the President a former Fed Aide and Advisor to Ben Bernanke has gone public with his suggestions as to sweeping reforms that the Fed should undertake. Is this an example of a loss of confidence in central banks? The real money show panel discusses.

Distinguished color diamonds continue to go up for auction and break records. Jeremy Wiseman discusses the latest in records and auction listings and why this is so important to the color diamond market as a whole.

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