On this week’s Real Money show Darren V Long discussed the weekly update on the market touching specifically on the importance of US Jobs data, 10 year seasonal average on Gold and Silver and the FED minutes from last week while Jeremy Wiseman discussed the merits of Gold as a safe haven asset.

In addition to this both Jeremy Wiseman and Darren V Long discuss historic silver to gold ratio and it relationship to the current situation in pricing, what healthy technical pullbacks in the markets can produce, the many reasons to buy Silver and Gold right now and how sound this technical and fundamental bull market really is.

Darren V Long also describes the current state of the employment market in the US citing many analysts and one article entitled “It’s Worse Than The Great Depression-One In Six Prime-Aged men has No Job”

Jeremy Wiseman also discusses Natural Fancy Color diamonds, their earning potential and how to own them with physical Gold and Silver.

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