Darren V. Long explains the physical gold demand continues to grow in China, Russia and even the Netherlands. Paul Wiseman points out that fiat (paper) currency have always failed through history and we are in 40 plus year experiment with world fiat currencies. With inflation, paper money is a way to confiscate our wealth and the only way to protect wealth is to hold gold and silver as wealth insurance.

The Guildhall team discuss the GFMS report that predicts peak silver in 2-3 years which also was in the Precious Metals Advisor last week. Going forward the Swiss are holding a vote on Sunday to decide if they will demand their government to create a stronger gold backed currency by increasing the amount of gold from 7 1/2% to 20%. This would require the Swiss to buy 7 tonnes of gold over the next 5 years. Listen next week to the results.

On the diamond segment:
Paul Wiseman talks about red diamonds and their value. A new world record for red diamonds was recently set when a 2.09 fancy red diamond sold for $5,095,872 million dollars. Paul points out that 30 years ago a red diamond could be bought for $30,000 per carat. Further discussion centers on blue diamonds and the sales records they have set. In addition, statistics show that Pink diamonds have gained over 360% in value over the past 10 years.
In an wealth insight survey by Barkley’s revealed that “ 70% of high net worth individuals owned precious jewelry as part of their investment strategy where only 57% did so five years earlier. There is a growing trend to investment in diamonds and jewelry.” Paul announces a special diamond promotion for December. Stay tuned!

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