Darren looks at a recent article posted by Rajesh J. Shah that demonstrates how silver is extremely undervalued. The article shows how all indicators are improving and silver is just about ready for a dramatic breakout.

Both Jeremy and Darren weigh in on the recent article published by the CBC. A jeweler purchased a bar of gold from RBC, opened the package and sensed something was wrong. The jeweler then tested the bar discovered it was counterfeit and then brought it back to RBC. When RBC refused to buy it back the jeweler went to the CBC with the store. The Royal Canadian Mint have since put out a statement that the product is not theirs, but that they are working with RBC to investigate how they came to hold the fake 2012 bar. Guildhall reviews it process with the public and why going through a registered RCM dealer like Guildhall is the safer way to procure metals.

The Federal Reserve is going to have a new chairman, Jerome Powell. He is the first chairman in decades to not have a degree in economics and he is a lawyer by trade with real world work experience. That said, the consensus is that is expected to maintain the policies put forth by current chairman Janet Yellen. This begs the question, if Trump wanted the status quo, why not keep Yellen?

There is a new term you will be hearing more often. It is the Everything Bubble and we start to take a look at the meaning of this new term.


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