On this week’s show Darren V Long opens the show with a discussion of seasonal trends and information about how to hold Precious Metals in your RSP or TFSA. In addition to this Paul Wiseman summarizes the pricing for both gold and silver over the past week and year to date and discusses recent headlines and their impact on gold and silver markets worldwide.

In the second segment Darren V Long interviews our esteemed colleague Gerald Celente and engages Gerald in an excellent discussion about recent trends and the cover up on mass scale of the biggest frauds in history, the US and the World Economy. He discusses the “presstitutes” and the blind faith that people around the world continue to have when it comes to the World Economy and their trust in governments to continue to run the country. Darren V Long also touches on the subject of “Direct Democracy” and how gold is but one very smart way to voice your concern against traditional markets as well as provide security for your portfolio

Regarding Color Diamonds Paul Wiseman discusses the implications of the most recent results from auction and the exciting acquisition of Guildhall’s newest Argyle Tender stone that he himself bid on while in New York just a few weeks ago at the Argyle Tender. Paul Wiseman discusses the 4 C’s of this latest gorgeous Pink diamond that will be sure to make any investor a handsome return!

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