On this week’s The Real Money Show Darren V Long discusses why Guildhall believes the economy in the US is showing signs of serious wear and tear. Darren V Long also discusses the specific data that is flashing ominous warning signs and changes in total debt growth that are weighing down the system little by little. Darren V long and Jeremy Wiseman also discuss why they believe many in the banking systems over the world are merely rearranging their deckchairs and ignoring the sinking of the ship as their respective economies worsen month by month. In addition to this Jeremy Wiseman also discusses the growing number of analysts who are now calling for Gold and Silver to go much higher in 2015.

Jeremy Wiseman also chimed in on several key topics that pertain to economic weakness and discussed India’s insatiable and growing appetite for Silver.

Darren V Long and Jeremy Wiseman also discuss Precious Metals and the growing concerns over repatriation of Gold since the announcement this month that the State of Texas is now withdrawing their holdings form the New York Federal Reserve in favour of bringing those holdings into a new depository in the State of Texas. Darren V Long also discusses the implications of this happening throughout the world and the growing trend of repatriation among organized economies and the impact on the price of Gold and Silver.

Paul Wiseman talks about Color Diamond collecting and investing and why these beautiful assets are quickly becoming the go to investment for a large community of investors worldwide.

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