On this week’s “The Real Money Show” the theme was “They May Have Got It Wrong Part 2”. Darren V Long speaks about several different topics including Canada’s sale of all but 77 ounces of Gold making them one of the poorest G20 nations in terms of Gold reserves. Darren V Long also discusses the growing concerns around bullion storage and the institutions claiming to offer a premium for storage of your bullion. He also discusses the importance of owning your bullion, segregated, allocated and with serial numbers.

Darren V Long also introduces Russia as the newly crowned world leader in the acquisition of Gold as of January of 2016. He talks about the implications and the 2 main reasons why it is important to understand Russia’s reasons for doing so. Not only has this made Gold relevant but it has played a role in making Gold the comeback investment of 2016 to date in the face of economic uncertainty. On the same note Darren V Long also discusses the role Central banks are playing in accumulation and how they may be saying one thing to the public but be doing another completely different thing behind closed doors as they accumulate Gold.

In addition to all this Paul Wiseman talks about Natural Fancy Color Diamonds and chimes in on why they may be the next best keep investing secret that are exploding in price as we speak!

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