The Guildhall panel discusses the geopolitical tensions in the Ukraine and other world hotspots and the effects on gold and silver. Darren V. Long explains why Russia continues to increase their gold holdings and implications on trade and the US dollar.

Paul Wiseman announces a special offer for new depository customers. Buy gold and silver now and store you bullion in The Guildhall Depository and the storage will be FREE until Dec 31st 2014.

Jeremy Wiseman explains why Yellow Natural Fancy Color Diamonds are the new pink. One of the unique aspects of buying a color diamond from Guildhall is to create a beautiful custom designed ring or necklace with the diamond and to enjoy wearing it.

Listeners are reminded of the upcoming  “Secrets To Wealth Preservation” seminar on Sept 6th which will provide even more information on how and why buy a natural fancy color diamond and precious metals.  Register early here.

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