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We have made bullion buying
easy through our precious metals eStore.

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We believe that you should be able to store, insure, access, and easily
sell your bullion when you wish; all while maintaining full ownership
and control of your precious metals.

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Preserving your capital, managing risk and taking care of your
financial life is important. Buy gold and silver to diversify your
portfolio and create long-term prosperity today.


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The Real Money Show delivers a new way to think about money and informs listeners about hard asset investing, from precious metals to Natural Fancy Color Diamonds. The Guildhall Panel informs investors seeking a new way to protect and grow wealth.

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Get A Free 1 Oz Silver Bar

For every 100 Oz of silver bullion purchased at the Guildhall eStore, receive a Free 1 Oz Silver bar. Register at the Guildhall eStore and purchase your bullion direct. Offer expires March 30th, 2015. (Actual bar received may differ from one shown in picture)  

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About Guildhall Wealth Management

Guildhall Wealth Management offers a wide choice of bullion products and purchase options including the eStore, excellent prices, and worldwide depository storage. Whether you take it home, use depository storage or financing for your bullion purchase, Guildhall enables investors to buy, hold and sell precious metals with convenient, end-to-end solutions to suit one’s needs. Personal service and investor support are hallmarks of our business. You always have an industry expert to speak with when making a buying decision for gold, silver and Natural Fancy Color Diamonds. It is our purpose to provide you with Value, earn your Trust, and demonstrate our Integrity and Transparency in our transactions with unparalleled Security for your bullion purchases, storage and sale.

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