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Get the facts on Gold

It’s one of man’s most prized possessions. Nations have gone to war over it; explorers have searched every corner of the globe for it. Coveted by the rich and famous Gold is not just a symbol of wealth. It truly is the ultimate hard asset. Stored by central banks worldwide, this metal of kings has always represented the “Gold standard” of investments. Not only does it continue to hold its value against inflation today, but it continues to thrive during this unprecedented period of economic upheaval.


Get the facts on Silver

Like Gold, Silver is a store of wealth that holds its value over time. But, Silver is also a critically important industrial metal. Although demand for Silver is rising, supply continues to fall. At the same time, the relative price for Silver is incredibly low. The conditions now exist for Silver to reach new all-time highs.

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Get the facts on Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Investment Grade Fancy Coloured Diamonds are a timeless way to protect and grow your wealth. As the world’s most compact and portable hard asset, millions of dollars in Fancy Coloured Diamonds can be carried to the far corners of the globe inside your pocket and sold almost anywhere. Not only are they portable wealth but Fancy Coloured Diamonds are also an outstanding investment. We offer a rare and reputable form of certified Investment Grade Fancy Coloured Diamonds that have risen consistently in value over the past 30 years.

Get Expert Advice

At Guildhall Wealth one of our philosophies is education. It is our belief that informed investors make better decisions. To that end we take the time to speak on air every week via radio in the Canadian markets in hopes that you will find the information informative and helpful in making a knowledgeable investment decision. Sit back, enjoy the show, and thank you for listening.

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What We Offer

As experts in Precious Metals and Fancy Coloured Diamonds, we offer everything from up to date market information, to the storage, delivery, buying and selling of your Gold, Silver and Fancy Coloured Diamonds on worldwide markets. We also offer collateralized financing facilities to help you take advantage of your money to make up to four times your initial investment.

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Mission and Legacy

Our goal is to protect and grow your wealth in unstable markets with investments that stand the test of time. With honesty and integrity, our Precious Metals and Fancy Coloured Diamond experts will guide you and your investments towards lasting wealth for you and your family for generations to come.

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Upcoming Seminars

We believe education is the key to financial success. But you need to know when and how to take action in order to build lasting wealth in turbulent times. That’s why we have designed exclusive seminars to help you invest in Gold, Silver, and Fancy Coloured Diamonds. At home, school or at the office, our seminars are tailored to your needs anywhere in North America.

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Reasons to own Gold and Silver Now

Preserving your wealth should be your number one priority, especially in unstable markets. That’s why smart investors devote at least 15% to 25% of their investments to Gold and Silver. We also believe Gold and Silver are seriously undervalued, offering historic opportunities for unprecedented growth.

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Preserving your Wealth

Gold and Silver are unmatched investments that truly stand the test of time, offering unparalleled protection against volatile stock markets, declining currencies and inflation. Gold and Silver not only help your investments survive turbulent times, they thrive on uncertainty, growing your wealth for future generations.

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