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Reshaping Perceptions: Color Diamonds at Auction

At luxury auctions, renowned brands like Patek Philippe undoubtedly command attention, while major jewelry pieces bring allure. However, it’s the vibrancy of color diamonds that quietly reshape perceptions. So, what […]

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Precious Metals RSP Accounts With Guildhall Wealth And Questrade

Holding physical precious metals in your RSP is easy. Guildhall and Questrade provide Canadians the unique ability to own actual physical gold and silver in registered accounts. What makes holding […]

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Subverting the Federal Reserve with Nominee Dr. Judy Shelton

On February 13th, 2020 Trump’s nominee Dr. Judy Shelton was vetted by the Senate Banking Committee for a seat on the Federal Reserve board. Who is Dr. Judy Shelton? She’s […]

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What You Shouldn’t Do When Buying Gold

Whether you are new to the gold market or contemplating an initial purchase you probably have concerns about getting it right.  Anything new can make us feel nervous, especial when […]

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Gold Versus GICs

We recently had a client sell their entire gold position. After the sale the client remarked that he would have done just as well to hold a guaranteed investment certificate […]

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Jeremy Wiseman Interviewed on the Marc Patrone Show Sauga 960AM

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How to Buy Silver Cheap

The first question you must ask is how cheap is cheap? One person may regard silver cheap below $16 while another person may think it’s expensive. As Warren Buffett once […]

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Gold Surprises in Canadian Dollars

When clients arrive at Guildhall Wealth for the first time there are usually two things they are most surprised by; the weight of a 100 Oz bar of silver and the 15 year gold chart (shown below).

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Nomi Prins: FED Chairman Is Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Jerome Powell is widely viewed as becoming dovish regarding interest rates, but he’s in a no win situation.  As Nomi Prins put it, he’s between a rock and a hard place. […]

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5.03 Carat Fancy Pink Diamond Sets New Auction Record

Bonhams had the privilege of auctioning a beautiful pink diamond over the weekend and it sold sooner than you could say “Sold!”. The 5.03 Carats VS1 Square-cut fancy pink diamond […]

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Blossoming Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

This ring features a Radiant Cut Internally Flawless 1.02 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond. White diamonds of impeccable quality provide a bold yet delicate frame for the internally flawless yellow diamond. […]

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It’s Not Easy Becoming Green

Green diamonds are not like any other color diamond. They’re color is formed over prolonged exposure to radiation. A process that only the rarest of diamonds experience.

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