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Add Gold And Silver To Your RRSP


It is such a good time to be a gold or silver investor in Canada right now. Guildhall has been offering Canadians the ability to add Gold and Silver to your RRSP or other registered accounts since May 2015. The response has been immense. You would not know it from the outside but demand for physical gold and silver is quite strong.

This investment vehicle seems to have come at the right time. Canadians are seeing the value of both gold and silver. We often hear that they are looking for the financial protection only hard assets can provide. In the past, Canadians could invest in precious metals. However the options were limited or expensive. They either purchased an ETF or perhaps mining stocks. Or physical bullion RRSP vehicles that lacked simplicity and were pricey.

With the Guildhall RRSP  Canadians get to buy and own physical. How would one know? Because every client receives bar numbers, knows exactly where their product is held, and can even go and visit. The best part is that to buy gold and silver in your RRSP is practically the same cost as outside.

What makes Guildhall’s gold and silver RRSP so popular is that it is secure, affordable, and most all easy. Guildhall Wealth is excited by the response of Canadians and looks forward to assisting you acquire hard assets.

Add Gold and Silver to Your RRSP by contacting us TODAY!