Precious Metals RSP Accounts With Guildhall Wealth And Questrade

Precious Metals RSP Accounts

Holding physical precious metals in your RSP is easy. Guildhall and Questrade provide Canadians the unique ability to own actual physical gold and silver in registered accounts. What makes holding precious metals in RSP accounts so special is that ownership is guaranteed. Gold and silver are purchased direct from a global wholesaler and delivered to an IIROC approved vault facility.  What’s more, an itemized inventory report is provided, and gold/silver owners can even visit the vault to personally audit their holdings.

This is a complete breakthrough in precious metals ownership within registered accounts. That’s because up until now, you could only “invest” in gold or silver. What that means is that you had to put money into a certificate, ETF, or physical fund whereby ownership was not guaranteed. Sure, if you were a big enough client you could take delivery but while invested with these vehicles your ownership was never guaranteed.

Guildhall Wealth is a full-service bullion company specializing in all aspects of physical precious metals. From buying, storing, and selling precious metals we are experts in the field of gold and silver ownership. Questrade is one of the largest Canadian brokerages. They are IIROC approved and are a member of the CIPF. So, investors can be rest assured that they are in good hands. Guildhall directly assists clients to open their account, fund their account, and directly acquire their precious metals. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are as educated as possible about the market and the way the gold/silver RSP works.

To find out more about holding physical precious metals in RSP accounts (TFSA, LIRA, LIF, RIF) please download this important Holding Precious Metals in Your Registered Account Guide today.

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