Gold as Money

Gold has been regarded as the most beautiful of all chemical elements and thereby used in jewelry, coins and artwork. For thousands of years, gold’s particular qualities of rarity, divisibility or malleability, resistance to corrosion, and individual color has made it the perfect means of money. Even today, many central banks have been acquiring gold to hedge against potential currency devaluations and geo-political risks. Many nations put credence into gold as wealth since they continue to own, buy and store physical gold. It is no wonder that gold is considered by many investors to be a hedge against inflation, dollar devaluations and geo-political risks.

Protection and Opportunity

Many of the world’s most wealthy individuals have been turning to gold as a means of protecting wealth. Measured against the vast sums of digital and paper currencies as well as the indebtedness that abounds in the global economy, many market analysts believe that gold is extremely undervalued. This presents an investment opportunity for a mass of investors who no longer trust that central planners can affect positive economic change.

Gold Storage

Storage of gold at home or in a safety deposit box can be convenient and low cost; however security and liquidity of a valuable hard asset like gold should be taken into consideration. Guildhall offers fully allocated and segregated storage for investors wishing to secure, insure their gold investments while maintaining liquidity. Many clients find the storage and insurance obligations quite reasonable when other factors like security, service, and liquidity are taken into consideration.

Clients wishing to hold and store physical and fully allocated gold (1oz RCM, 10oz RCM, 1oz Gold Maple) in their registered accounts can now do so with a Guildhall Registered Precious Metals Account.

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At Guildhall Wealth Management, we help you achieve direct ownership of precious metals,

such as gold, and silver bullion, through registered savings and retirement accounts.

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