Reaping your rewards by selling bullion wisely

Our clients acquire gold and silver for different reasons, but for nearly everyone, it boils down to a similar dream: to live freely, comfortably, securely, and happily.

This might look like early retirement or financial independence, a life of travel and experiences, home ownership, helping family members get a leg-up, or all of the above. While gold and silver are legal tenders, for practicality in the mainstream world, most clients ultimately sell some of their precious metals for paper currency in order to pay for the things in life they want.

One of the most important benefits of gold and silver is how easily it can be exchanged for cash. High liquidity means there are no conditions or parameters you need to meet before selling your gold or silver. It’s not a bond that has to mature or a stock that must be handled through a broker. The freedom and flexibility in selling whatever amount you wish, whenever you want, cannot be overstated. You can decide one morning that you want to sell five bars of bullion in exchange for its value in the currency of your choice, and it can theoretically be done that day. If you purchased your bullion through Guildhall, you’ll have the extra benefit of being able to offer precious metals are LMBA-certified, a standard that appeals to all gold dealers, institutes, and individuals.

But should you? And if so, what’s the best way to go about it?

The ideal time to sell assets is when:

  • it suits your goals;
  • you’re comfortable parting with them; and
  • your purchasing power is optimized

Precious metal prices are typically listed against US dollar values, which can go up and down, so being mindful of this basic sale price is part – but not all – of the equation. The purchasing power of gold and silver is largely a matter of relativity – and this can be where the true value of precious metals really shine. Some considerations include the cost of what you want to buy and identifying when certain key indicators are in your favour. The Guildhall team can help you assess these key indicators – such as the Dow Gold Ratio, the gold-to-silver ratio, and your personal profit percentage – that may factor into the timing of your liquidation and the potential gains you can realize.

Know when to hold firm

While there are optimal times to liquidate some bullion, those who have the best outcomes with precious metals typically use a “buy and hold” strategy. Guildhall does not recommend or engage in day-trading or flipping strategies with diamond, platinum, gold, or silver purchases.

Reach out to our team to learn more

On Air

You are welcome to sell your precious metals privately or take advantage of
Guildhall’s services for timely and fair sales on your behalf. We work with clients to:

  • Walk through the process, considerations, and goals related to selling physical gold and silver.
  • Create an action plan.
  • Monitor the market and key indicators to seize value opportunities that align with your goals.
  • Broker a smooth, transparent, and stress-free sale on your behalf.
  • Transfer the funds to you in a manner that best suits you.
  • Assist in any paperwork resulting from a sale, particularly for assets that were contained in a registered account.

We tend to err on the side of caution, and recommend that clients maintain some gold or silver in their portfolio, even if they’re in a de-investment phase of life. We also work with clients who intend to gift their precious metal holdings before or after their passing, and can discuss your estate and legacy plans to make sure your wishes are carried out smoothly.

For more information about Guildhall’s sales services, strategies, and long-term planning, please contact our team.

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